Our community inspires us. It is our pleasure to invest in the businesses and organizations that keep Santa Fe progressive, thriving, and dedicated to serving each other and our environment. 

At Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen, we are committed to composting, recycling, knowing where our products come from, and making choices that are responsible to our business, our customers, and our world. 

2% Cash Pay Proceeds

When you pay CASH at Sweetwater, you keep your money LOCAL. For the month of October we will donate 2% of all our cash sales to support Earth Care!


  • Our ecological and social systems are in crisis

  • “SUSTAINABLE HUMAN COMMUNITIES” need to be developed in order to rebuild the ecological and cultural fabric of our world


  • Youth leadership as practiced by Earth Care recognizes that youth must be part of the decision-making processes that affect their lives and therefore space for youth voices, leadership, and decision-making cannot be assumed but needs to be actively created and facilitated by our staff.

  • Sustainability education as practiced by Earth Care includes:

    1. developing knowledge and skills of ecological literacy and environmental stewardship,

    2. changing the way we think about the world and our relationship to it: questioning assumptions, mental models and worldviews,

    3. practicing cultural competency through anti-oppression and decolonization,

    4. practical and visionary action: learning by doing.

  • Community Action as practiced by Earth Care develops young people’s awareness of social change theory and practice, builds their capacity and skills to engage with sustainability issues and decision-making bodies in their community, and focuses on their ability to develop solutions. Methodologies vary for program contexts but include: service-learning, civic engagement, community development, and community organizing.

  • Sustainable communities  have the following characteristics:

    1. EQUITY – equal access to resources and opportunities for community members. The success of some members does not come at the expense of others. The success of the community does not come at the expense of other communities or the natural environment.

    2. ECONOMIC VIABILITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY– the economic systems are designed to respect, operate within, and regenerate natural systems. The economic system meets all community members’ basic needs.

    3. CULTURAL DEMOCRACY – all members of the community are represented in decision-making and community development efforts

    4. ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP – the human and natural systems are understood and designed as interdependent and mutually beneficial.



Community Supported Agriculture—Beneficial Farms    

Beneficial Farms Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) provides affordable locally and regionally grown food to North-Central New Mexico families and restaurants. A collaborative CSA, Beneficial Farms supports more than 30 state and regional farms that use sustainable farming methods to offer a wide range of foods year-round. Its partner farms include Mesa Top Farm, Gemini Farm, Synergia Ranch, and Talon de Gato.

Sweetwater loves receiving Beneficial Farms produce and being a CSA pick-up location for local families.