Our community inspires us. It is our pleasure to invest in the businesses and organizations that keep Santa Fe progressive, thriving, and dedicated to serving each other and our environment. 

At Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen, we are committed to composting, recycling, knowing where our products come from, and making choices that are responsible to our business, our customers, and our world. 

2% Cash Pay Proceeds

When you pay CASH at Sweetwater, you keep your money LOCAL. For the month of July we will donate 2% of all our cash sales to support Creativity for Peace.

At Creativity for Peace we define peace not just as an absence of violence, but as a culture in which all people’s humanity and rights are equally respected. We believe that peace cannot be realized through force. 

We acknowledge that we operate in a reality of occupation, in which the balance of power between the two peoples is not equal. Individuals involved with our work hold many different ideas about political solutions but share a commitment to non-violence and the conviction that peace is possible. 

We reject cynicism, hopelessness, victim mentality, and other positions that serve as barriers to action. We have faith in the integrity and power of each individual and her potential to make change as well as the collective responsibility of all to work towards social justice and an end to the conflict.

Women’s perspectives, experience, and voices are currently under-represented in the peace process. Following resolution 1325 of the United Nations we dedicate our work to women, believing that they will lead the change.


Community Supported Agriculture—Beneficial Farms    

Beneficial Farms Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) provides affordable locally and regionally grown food to North-Central New Mexico families and restaurants. A collaborative CSA, Beneficial Farms supports more than 30 state and regional farms that use sustainable farming methods to offer a wide range of foods year-round. Its partner farms include Mesa Top Farm, Gemini Farm, Synergia Ranch, and Talon de Gato.

Sweetwater loves receiving Beneficial Farms produce and being a CSA pick-up location for local families.