Our community inspires us. It is our pleasure to invest in the businesses and organizations that keep Santa Fe progressive, thriving, and dedicated to serving each other and our environment. 

At Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen, we are committed to composting, recycling, knowing where our products come from, and making choices that are responsible to our business, our customers, and our world. 

2% Cash Pay Proceeds

When you pay CASH at Sweetwater, you keep your money LOCAL. For the month of February we will donate 2% of all our cash sales to support Animal Protection of New Mexico!

About Us

Our Mission

APNM’s mission is to advocate the rights of animals by effecting systemic change, resulting in the humane treatment of all animals.

Our History: Decades of fighting for animals all over the state and beyond

Since 1979, APNM has been advocating for animals by effecting systemic change, working towards the humane treatment of all animals. This includes active support of local and state legislation towards the prevention of animal cruelty, as well as public awareness campaigns designed to teach students and communities across New Mexico about the ongoing threats to animals.

What began as a small, dedicated group of citizens concerned about the unmet needs of animals has grown into an influential organization that is making a significant difference for New Mexico’s animals and the communities in which they live. We are responsible for the passage of dozens of laws to protect animals in the state, while dramatically raising the visibility of issues New Mexico’s animal population regularly faces.

APNM achieves its mission in a variety of powerful ways. We help create policies that protect animals and work to ensure that humane laws are vigorously enforced. We also establish relevant and practical solutions to take on seemingly insurmountable animal cruelty issues. By challenging and changing entrenched systems that harm animals, we are elevating animal protection concerns from a “fringe” issue to one taken seriously by the public and policymakers, who are beginning to understand the deep connection between the welfare of animals and that of society overall.



Community Supported Agriculture—Beneficial Farms    

Beneficial Farms Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) provides affordable locally and regionally grown food to North-Central New Mexico families and restaurants. A collaborative CSA, Beneficial Farms supports more than 30 state and regional farms that use sustainable farming methods to offer a wide range of foods year-round. Its partner farms include Mesa Top Farm, Gemini Farm, Synergia Ranch, and Talon de Gato.

Sweetwater loves receiving Beneficial Farms produce and being a CSA pick-up location for local families.