Soma Franks and Fiona Wong, happy and proud co-owners of Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen since 2012.

Soma Franks and Fiona Wong, happy and proud co-owners of Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen since 2012.

Our kitchen is an invitation. Come to gather. Come to be nourished. Every day is different: Come discover your own sweet spot. Experience delicious global offerings made from fresh, natural, whole foods. Enjoy sustainable wines and diverse regional beverages. Savor seasonal ingredients and thoughtful menus with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. 

Here, we inspire each other. It is our honor to serve our families, our community—and you. 

Peas + Love,

Soma + Fiona


Many years of travel and working in the service industry led me to Santa Fe, where I found my home in 1990. I find inspiration in hiking + camping and in my yoga practice; these help me cultivate groundedness and presence. Feeding my family and friends continues the legacies of my grandmother and mother, and carries them on to my daughter, Lila. It also connects me to the nourishing force of the Divine Mother and the ways we ALL can serve each other with love and compassion. 


From Soma:

Shaker Hymn

I will bow and be simple.
I will bow and be free.
I will bow and be humble.
Yea, bow like the willow tree.


My life changed when I moved to Santa Fe from Singapore and became a mother. I became aware of how my Chinese culture valued food preparation as emotional engagement and communication. I take great joy in feeding my son and husband—and growing much of the food I cook. Early one morning as I watered my garden’s zucchini and marveled at the light on its leaves, I felt deep fulfillment in knowing where this plant came from and whom it would nourish; and I realized I wanted to feed people healthy food. 

From Fiona

This is what inspires me:

  • Food is an expression of community and joy

  • Music is the language of God

  • Tiger, my son, is constant wonder

  • Gardening is the satisfaction of tending to health

  • Good design is function informing beauty informing function